Barcelona is going to be the next link in the technology and entrepreneur ecosystem. The city and the region of Catalonia are carrying out extensive plans to transform the region into a tech ecosystem. This transformation involves startups, big corporations, universities and government working together to compete with the biggest active tech hubs around the world.

An emerging technology that has grabbed the attention of many within Barcelona is Blockchain. In short, this technological marvel is allowing for new ways to organize decentralized organizations and entities. This new tech enables a fair, transparent and immutable system to decide and share knowledge, information, traceability and transparency through the various blockchain networks.

In relation to educating and training the professional population of the city, training academies are finding themselves with more legitimate capacity to compete with universities and schools. Offering didactic and practical courses and allowing learning through digital and online academies.

For the last 5 years, Knowtech Training, a Catalan online academy and certification center based in Glories and 22@ tech area, has offered extensive technical courses dedicated to teaching the latest technology and language development, focusing on the ones urgently required by local companies. Javascript, mobile development, cloud platform management and now Blockchain are some of the hottest topics and competencies that developers are pursuing to become experts in the most important tech fields of the future.

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In order to bring Blockchain technology to the Barcelona area, the Blockchain Training Alliance (BTA) form California, US, has chosen Knowtech Training to provide, teach and examine the professional certificate they have developed for business executives and technology developers from the city. This collaboration raises the capacity of the Person VUE (most extensive training center world network) with the knowledge of the BTA Blockchain courses, enhancing Barcelonas’ capability within the global Blockchain ecosystem.

As the first center in Spain to offer BTA certified Blockchain courses, together with the professional teachers who developed the course, Knowtech has received a Token to certify the academy as a world Blockchain training center. This collaboration will increase the reach and success of these courses and bring better visibility to the training center.

Blockchain Training Alliance is a network of Blockchain professionals and online academies that offers certifications to business profesionals and tech engineers to reach their real, actual and practical needs.

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