…. and now we explain how discover who do this action. As a modern Sherlock Holmes we have all tools to do this 🙂

Audit Log

Confluence out-of-the-box have all tools we need to discover the guilty :-P. Just select Cog menù -> General Configuration > Audit log.

In this page you can see:

  • Actions on Spaces
  • Actions on User/Groups
  • Actions on Global Administrations

Data are stored for 2 years but you can change this parameter 😉 More information are available on Confluence documentation.

Fantastic. But actions about pages?

Well, Audit Log doesn’t check those actions. You need add an addon, like LastLog by DecadisAB, where it’s possible see log file directly by Confluence or Jira :). Take a look.



Thanks Alejandro Villalobos Vázquez we have another solution to see deleted issues. Take a look to another addon: Who deleted my issues; where we have the possibility to see useful information. Keep in touch: I will review addon.

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