What is Standalone Project Template ?

With this JIRA add-on your JIRA Administrators will be more happier! This is a plugin for your JIRA admins to create independent projects with independent and isolated configurations (Issue Type Scheme, Workflow Scheme, Screen Schemes, Field Configuration Scheme and Permission Scheme). Just install the plugin in your JIRA Server and enjoy it!

Create independent projects

Create new isolated projects from scratch, just click in “Create Project” as usual and select the template “Standalone Project Template”.

Just one configuration is needed: Create a Permission Template to clone

Create new projects with the same “Permission Scheme” cloned. Just create a Permission scheme and name it “Standalone Project Template”. That’s all! Very easy and useful!

That’s all: Your new isolated project in few clicks! Easy!

Once the project is created, you will referred to the “Project Administration” screen to make the final configuration that you want. Easy and faster, essential for your JIRA Admins.