By default both JIRA issue navigator and REST API return a maximum of 1000 search results. Hence when exporting to Excel, JIRA will only export the first 1000 issues.


The maximum allowable value is dictated by the JIRA property ‘’ which is set to 1000 by default.

Unfortunately it is not possible to change this value as it falls under customization which is not allowed in Atlassian Cloud.


Use the pager/start URL parameter to workaround this issue by adjusting the index value to export issues from 1001 onwards. You will need to merge the results manually.

  1. Run a search on the issue navigator to get all the issues need to be exported (Example below contains 200k+ issues).
  2. Export the first 1000 issues using the standard export feature (Export > Excel)
  3. For the next thousand issues, right click on the same option above and open in new tab, you should get a URL string like below:
    https://<instance name>/sr/jira.issueviews:searchrequest-excel-all-fields/temp/SearchRequest.xls?jqlQuery=&tempMax=1000

    Cancel the download, as we only require the URL string.

  4. Append the &pager/start=1000 at the end of the URL string to instruct JIRA to export from index 1001 and above. Example:
    https://<instance name>/sr/jira.issueviews:searchrequest-excel-all-fields/temp/SearchRequest.xls?jqlQuery=&tempMax=1000&pager/start=1001

    Visit this URL in your browser and save the file when prompted. For the subsequent 1000 issues, adjust the index value accordingly, for example &pager/start=2001 (and so forth).

  5. Open the exported Excel files and manually consolidate them if necessary.


New plugin IS COMING! “Enlarge Your Excel Export”

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