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Mastering JIRA Course by MrAddon in the Knowtech Barcelona offices


Based on your specific role, the course is composed by different modules not consecutive. The duration of each module is 2 hours.
MrAddon and Knowtech we have created together this special training to accomplish with the different needs of the actual modern Agile companies. Max 20 persons classroom. Timetable: from monday to friday from 16:00PM to 19:00PM
The training can be done in remote sessions or in-site in the Knowtech offices in Barcelona (inside the Glorias Comercial Center). 
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JIRA & Confluence Professional
Course designed for any professional to get the best first experience with JIRA. Once you finish this course, JIRA for you will be a child’s play.
( Recommended Modules to learn: 1, 10 )
JIRA Reporting Manager /BI
Course designed for any professional to get the best first experience with the reporting of JIRA and to know a little bit of eazyBI and its functionalities. Be a master of reporting. Be Awesome and professional in your company! Know the power of the Business Intelligence
(Recommended  Modules to learn:  1, 2, 3, 10)
JIRA Project Manager
Course designed for any professional with experience in JIRA to know how the projects works and how can be implemented from the schemes in paper or ideas to the reality. Once you finish this course, you can manage a Jira project and you will be a very good Project Lead sure.
(Recommended Modules to learn:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10)
JIRA Agile Coach
Course designed for any Agile professional, Lean professionals, Scrum Master, Product Owners, Kanban fanatics, etc. Once you finish this course you will get X-ray in JIRA and how it works internally, no more secrets for you. You will be awesome creating boards and configuring them.
(Recommended Modules to learn:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10)
Course designed for any DevOps, know all the important files of JIRA, the best installing tricks and tips. Be quick installing and configuring JIRA from scratch. Know all the options and possibilities.
(Recommended  Modules to learn:  7)
JIRA & Confluence Admin
Course designed for any JIRA/Confluence Admins. This role is the advanced level of Masters of JIRA/Confluence. First of all, you must know all JIRA Roles perfectly and is required to do this course. Designed by experienced Admins to Admins. Be imprescindible in your company, organize correctly the departments and teams, change the world to a new Agile world! Be a master!
(Recommended Modules to learn: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16)
JIRA Consultant & Integration Managers
Course designed for professionals with the advanced role level “JIRA Admin.” Know and be awesome of the best plugins of JIRA like Tempo Timesheets and services like Hip Chat, Slack, Bitbucket, Crowd… and more. Very advanced level. Be incredible! Know how to integrate correctly Jira Service Desk.
(Recommended Modules to learn: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)
JIRA Developer & Atlassian Vendor
Course designed for developer professionals to know how to develop simple plugins of Jira Server and Jira Cloud. Learn how to use perfectly the Atlassian Marketplace and sell your plugins. Know all the secrets of the JIRA API REST.
(Recommended Modules to learn: 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23)
JIRA Master & Atlassian Expert
Composed by all the previous roles. Imprescindible to be a God of JIRA and Atlassian products!
(Recommended  Modules to learn:  -ALL- from 1 to 23 )
LEVEL 1: Jira Basic for any professional. First contact
– Duration: 2h
– Create a new simple project
– Create issues
– Search for issues
– JQL Basics
– JQL Advances functions with Groovy Scriptrunner
– Filters and subscriptions
– Dashboards and subscriptions
LEVEL 2: Jira Basic for Reporting professionals. First contact with eazyBI
– Duration: 2h
– JIRA Common graphs and charts / basic reporting
– eazyBI main concepts and examples
– Touch the power of the Business Intelligence
LEVEL 3: Jira Advanced eazyBI for Reporting professionals.
– Duration: 2h
– eazyBI advanced concepts
– MDX Language and calculations
– Real cases and complex examples like KPI’s , SLA’s, Lead Time calculation
LEVEL 4: Jira Basic for Project Managers
– Duration: 2h
– Know how to configure your project correctly
– Issue Types and Schemes
– Custom fields and schemes
– Component/s
– Screens and schemes
– Permissions, roles and Security schemes
– Versions
LEVEL 5: Jira Advanced for Project Managers
– Duration: 2h
– Workflows and schemes
– Status
– Postfunctions
– Validations
– Permissions
– Introduction to the Listeners
– Introduction to the Services
– Introduction to the Custom Calculated fields
LEVEL 6: Jira Advanced for Agile professionals
– Duration: 2h
– Configuraton and correct use of Agile with JIRA
– Scrum
– Kanban
– Scrumban
LEVEL 7: Jira for DevOps. Install & Configure JIRA properly
– Duration: 2h
– Jira installation
– Jira configuration
– Know the tree of the jira_home and the Index
– Configure the logs
LEVEL 8: Jira Basic for System Administrators
– Duration: 2h
– Configure the initial dashboard
– Look & feel
– Banners and hacking
– Mail service configuration
– Configure users, groups and roles.
– Configure the directories
– Hooks
– Permission schemes
– Install new plugins
LEVEL 9: Tempo plugin for JIRA. Configuration
– Duration: 2h
– Configure Accounts
– Configure Teams
– Configure Permissions and Timetables
– Put and track your hours worked and estimations with different ways
– Tempo dashboard gadget
LEVEL 10: Confluence for Business professionals
– Duration: 2h
– Create a simple Space
– Configure the Space
– Edit pages in the space
– Permission first contact
– Macros
LEVEL 11: Confluence for System Administrators
– Duration: 2h
– Configure Confluence general options
– Admin the user and groups and space permissions
– Configure User Macros and examples
– Install new plugins
LEVEL 12: Jira Service Desk. Configuration
– Duration: 2h
– Configure the new views of issues
– Configure the agents
– Configure the portal and the fields
– Link Service Desk to Confluence knowledge base
– Configure the mail service
– Configure the SLA’s
LEVEL 13: Jira, Bitbucket  and Github. Configuration
– Duration: 2h
– How to use the DVCS plugin and connect repositories
– Connect Bitbucket
– Create a Bitbucket account
– Connect Github
– Use of Mercurial
– Use of Jira and Bitbucket options, pull requests, merges.
LEVEL 14: Jira Other plugins and Atlassian Ecosystem
– Duration: 2h
– Know Issue Type Filters
– Know Jira MISC fields
– Know Jira SIL fields
– Know Jira Custom Database Fields
– Know the most recent useful plugins & most famous free addons
LEVEL 15: Jira with HipChat and Slack
– Duration: 2h
– Connect JIRA and HipChat
– Connect JIRA and Slack
– Webhooks
– Introduction to the REST APIs of JIRA, Confluence and HipChat using CURL
LEVEL 16: Jira & Confluence with Crowd: SSO OpenID
– Duration: 2h
– Connect Crowd SSO with JIRA, Confluence and your Company LDAP
– Main problems and solutions
– Configure an application
– Configure directories
– Add users and groups
LEVEL 17: Jira with Groovy Scriptrunner Basic
– Duration: 2h
– Creation of Listeners and useful examples
– Creation of Services and useful examples
– Built-in scripts, copy project, sudo (change of user)
LEVEL 18: Jira with Groovy Scriptrunner Advanced
– Duration: 2h
– Creation of Scripted Custom Fields and useful examples. Calculate SLAs on the ticket.
– Creation of new JQL functions and useful examples
– Duration: 2h
– Uses of the REST API, Tempo API, etc.
– Different ways to connect to the API (Curl, Ajax, Php,…)
– Example scripts
– Webhooks
LEVEL 20: Jira Server Development of Plugins Basic
– Duration: 2h
– Know the Atlassian SDK
– Know the basic structure of a simple JIRA Plugin
– Develop a simple examples like buttons in the header, and more.
– Use of TamperMonkey and GreaseMonkey
– Tricks and tips
LEVEL 21: Jira Server Development of Plugins Advanced
– Duration: 2h
– Create a plugin of a Project Template
– Create a plugin for JIRA in Javascript to add a new functionalities
LEVEL 22: Jira Cloud Development of Plugins
– Duration: 2h
– Create a plugin for JIRA Cloud and examples
– Create a plugin for Google Chrome and connect it to the JIRA Cloud plugin.
LEVEL 23: Sell in the Atlassian Marketplace
– Duration: 2h
– License the plugins
– Validate a Jira Server license
– Validate a Jira Cloud license
– Sell plugins in the Atlassian Marketplace