What is Issue Card Printer ?

With this JIRA add-on you can take more advantages in your Agile processes. This add-on was created to synchronize the physical board with the computer board (JIRA Rapidboard) through the print of the issues transformed in beautiful cards (to stick it in the real board.) To allow this (the possibility to print the issues as cards with beautiful layouts), you only need to install the Issue Card Printer add-on in your JIRA. The code is based in the awesome Github repository of Bengt Brodersen from Qoomon.


Install the add-on as usual in your JIRA Server instance. Now your JIRA Agile Board is more POWERFUL! You will see the “Print Selected Cards!” button:

Print multiple issues in one shot!

To select multiple issues, only press SHIFT + click on the issues. And then click on “Print Selected Cards!”. You can define the layout to print, you will see a QR BARCODE, the Due Date, the Assignee, the Issue type and Summary and Description of the issue, files attached and more things…

Print beautiful cards from your issues where you want!

“Print” button is allowed, not only in the SCRUM and KANBAN boards, you can see the magical button in the Issue Search view (and it’s fantastic because the plugin prints all the issues of the JQL Query or from a saved filter!

You can also Print the beautiful cards from inside the ISSUE view… very easy! just click on the “Print” button. That’s all!

Now you can set a title in the card header. Set the name of your Company in all cards.

Pressing HEADER” button, you can change the title of the cards. Very easy!

Now you can print until 3 text or numeric customfields

Pressing “CF1”, “CF2” or “CF3” you can set the “id” of the customfield to print until 3 text or numeric fields.

Now the print layout is more efficient

The printer layout now is more efficient and economic.