What is Description Templates for JIRA ?

With this JIRA Server add-on, your JIRA users will have the power of create new tickets (issues) with a description template.
With the installation of this addon in your Google Chrome Browser, you will be able to Manage until 3 Description Templates in your JIRA Cloud instance. Very useful for repetitive tasks creation.

The description templates are stored in cookies inside the Browser. Just install and it’s ready to use it. Plug & Play

Important Note: jun 17, 2018: New features added.



First install the JIRA Cloud plugin. Once installed, in your JIRA, add the extension to Google Chrome (only Chrome Browsers).

When installed in the browser, you will see something like this in your extensions.

Now you can raise new tickets (Issues) using the button “NewIssue!” (if you are in Jira Cloud New UX Experience) or… just create a new Issue as always if you are in the old UX or in Jira Server.

Just click in “NewIssue!” to start creating a ticket in full screen (Only in Jira Cloud, for Jira Server just create the issue as always).

Now you can Save Descriptions as Template (until 3 templates in total). Use the buttons “DESC SET” and “SAVE”. The content of the template will be stored in the browser cookies.