Sometimes is difficult to extract this info, here the documentation and examples:

titleStringThe title text of the flag.
bodyStringThe body text of the flag.
typeStringinfoSets the type of the message. Valid options are “info“, “success“, “warning” and “error“.
closeStringThe closing behaviour that this flag has. Valid options are “manual“, and “auto“.
actionsObjectMap of {actionIdentifier: ‘Action link text’} to add to the flag. The actionIdentifier will be passed to a ‘flag.action’ event if the link is clicked.

// Display a nice green flag using the Flags JavaScript API.
var flag = AP.flag.create({
  title: 'Successfully created a flag.',
  body: 'This is a flag.',
  type: 'success',
  actions: {
    'actionkey': 'Click me'


def flag = [
        type : ‘success’,
        title: “Plan reviewed”,
        close: ‘auto’,
        body : “Deleted outdated artifacts from $planKey”

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