Today I suggest you take a walk through the beta version of Atlassian Compass. You will see that it is a simple but effective tool and that it can help us to unify all the applications in a single one, and even in the not too distant future it could become the main index of your company… Let me explain better.

In all modern medium-sized companies we have: web pages, blog, Github code, Bitbucket code, Jira software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, OpsGenie or PagerDuty, StatusPage, New Relic, Amazon Web Services, … etc, that is a large number of Services that we monitor and that cannot stop working, plus many other companies develop code and make commits and pull requests and CI/CD. How can we unify all this and take metrics?

Now that everyone works distributed, how do we pass on the knowledge to the new ones? : What team leads such a microservice? Who is oncall for microservice X?

Many of these questions happen in companies, so Atlassian Compass (Beta) has come to give us a proposal for all this. Compass the UNIFIER!

SPOLIER: It can be configured as code in Bitbucket and get automatic metrics!


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