The new Description Templates for Jira Cloud feature is now available. Thanks to Templates by Project & IssueType you can forget about your productivity problems.

With the installation of this App, you will be able to manage until 4 description templates in your Jira Cloud instance. Very useful for repetitive tasks creation.

Those description templates are stored and processed in the local storage of your browser. Just install and use it! Plug & Play!

As a new feature, you can configure Description Templates by Project and IssueType with no Jira Admin intervention!

How to configure Description Templates by Project and IssueType?

Just create a ticket in your project with summary “TEMPLATE:IssueTypeName”, ex: “TEMPLATE:Bug” and the system will use the description of the ticket for the next created Bugs. You can also define a “TEMPLATE:Default” summary in another Issue in order to apply the new description to the rest of IssueTypes.

You can see all the details in this video:

If you want to try this new functionality, don’t forget to write us in our support email. You will have a surprise!

In addition, in November we will release the Server and Datacenter version with the same new features as the Cloud plugin. Write us in our support email and find out the first.

TecnoFor Solutions 24/10/2022


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