In this post we are going to examine a very important topic, also in view of the latest news from the Atlassian Cloud world.

The news:

Some sites have reported the news, and the statuspage dedicated to Cloud products has been the following for several days:

One of this site
another site
Statuspage site for Atlassian Cloud products

Current situation

At this time only 35% of the customers affected by the problem (the total is 400 users) have been restored and can return to normal operations, while all available Atlassian resources are currently engaged in restoring these Clouds.

We, like MrAddon, have not been idle and have immediately taken action and worked out a first solution to avoid getting stuck in our work.

In 2019, this blog published a post on how to back up the cloud database using the Python language.

The blog post

Using Python and that script, it’s possible create a backup file The result of the script is a ZIP file that can be used to perform an import to a new Cloud and thus be able to resume all Cloud operations in the shortest possible time.

It is very important to note that the latest version of the script also allows you to manage the backup of Confluence, as well as the backup of Jira.

By Artigiano Del Software


news about outage:

Backup solution from MrAddon.

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