Using Scriptrunner can be possible set several conditions or validations in order to avoid some situations.

When you want to hide some transition because some field is emtpy or wrong you can use Conditions of PostFunctions.

When you want to avoid transition one issue if some field is empty or wrong you can use Validations of PostFunctions.

But…are you going to show some information when some field is empty or wrong in edit screen? It can be done.

For doing, you can use behaviours of Scriptrunner.

Even seems difficult to do, it’s easy. You should create a behaviour and Map with the project where this configuration should be applied.

Later on, you should add the following code and the outcome will be something like.

In this code, we are checking that “ValidationDate” has the correct conditions and if there is incorrect, some Flag appears in the screen to tell as that the condition are not correctly applied.

This solution is not blocking casting. it only informs that you should review the filled fields

I hope It helps!

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