Protect your company’s information… or at least let them know it’s yours

With Scriptrunner for Confluence you can create a waterMark when export to pdf is used.

With this, if someone export to pdf Confluence’s page information, the export to pdf will contain information about, for example, your company and if this information is shared, the people will know that is ” yours”

Scriptrunner for Confluence

Go to Scriptrunner inside Confluence configuration section and select Macros.

  • Create the Macro and configure the usual options.
  • You will need “Macro code”
  • You will need “Macro CSS style”

Add your new Macro in the page (the place is not important). Normally, I’m adding in the top.

Finally, Export to PDF

If you follow correctly the steps, the outcome will be something like:

As you can see, this PDF contains:

  1. Watermark with the text that you selected, in this case the text is “Emdep”.
  2. Bottom text with some text also, and the user that is logged in confluence and “do the action to export”. This way, if you use guilty, you’ve got it!

I hope this helps!

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