eazyBI has some features that sometimes the people don’t know how to use or only, they understand that these features are so complex to use and they forget to try to use it.

One example of this is “JavaScript code”. For each source of cube, you can to add some javascript code. This is a powerful tool but sometimes you don’t know how to use it.

This is a simple example about how to use javascript code in a source cube data of an account.

In this example, will be used for configure in the correct way some issues created before in Jira.


Imagine that you are migrating to Jira and you want to know some “amount” about sells done in the current year.

Imagine that your migration started in march so you don’t have the information about january and febrary in Jira and you need the “cumulative trend for all the year”.


Create several “Dummy issues”.

Keep it created and go to eazyBI.

Edit the cube and go to “Jira import options”

Select “Edit custom JavaScript code” and add the following code for each issue that you create.

if (issue.key == "XXX-485") {
issue.fields.resolutiondate = "2020-01-24T15:43:09.977+0200";

In this example, the Time Dimension criteria used is Resolution Date. Obviously, you should create each issue in Jira and resolved it (Done), there is not important that you close “now” because with this code you are going to set resolution time as the date that you decide. In this example, 24 of January so we will hace the “issue” or “issues” (if you create more than one) of january.

I hope it helps!

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