I have always liked art and above all illustration and design. From a very young age, my father taught me to draw and paint and at the same time my passion for art, contemplating and visiting all the possible European artistic museums. My father, today, continues to paint his paintings through the world with his easel capturing the beauty of nature in his canvases. His website is https://pelaezochoa.github.io/ if you want to see some of his works.

It was the year, 2017, I wanted to make myself known in the world of Atlassian Jira plugins with a fresh and rocky air, … something different, new! A new image, a unifying image, with strength! That made me think about changing the entire design of the web, the brand and the logos of the plugins. It was a very difficult task, but thanks to living in Barcelona, ​​I was able to contact MOLOKOLOM, a great designer whom I had met a few years before when I lived in the Poble Nou area of ​​Barcelona. She has an artistic and design sense out of the ordinary, we shared musical affinities, we knew each other, she who could do the hard work of redesigning something new for MRADDON!

But, something was missing, a pet, something that takes life, that has an anthropomorphic form, we need illustrations! Characters! MRADDON had to obtain a soul and characteristics, a mental image. Then we contacted WHELL DESIGN STUDIO, and there the “magic” started … you just have to see the statistics of the blog!

Captura de pantalla 2019-05-25 a las 14.11.39



Now that it has been a while and I have to evaluate what counts, I want to thank very much the great effort that WHELL DESIGN STUDIO and MOLOKOLOM made with the design and illustrations of MRADDON. A MILLION THANKS!

By MrAddon




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