In this post we will see how manage users and groups directly in a Confluence Space. Let me introduce this addon: Custom Space User Management (CSUM)

Give some administrative power to Space Admin

This addon gives a great feature: Space Admins can manage user and groups. This allows a function to be made available directly to those who must use it without necessarily passing to the administrator of Jira.

This allows the Jira administrator to take care of the administration of the instance only. The following image:

show the functionality available. As we see, it’s very easy to use and allow Space Admin create new group, specific for the Space, and manage it 🙂

The addon also provides bulk operations, to be able to automatically insert users / groups. This allows to automate also the operations that, if performed manually on large numbers of users, would not allow Space administrators to work.

 More information are available ….

…. from Marketplace page of addon. Take a look


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