In this post we will explore all solutions of this issue for Confluence server: CONFSERVER-4174. Exists a request for Cloud version: CONFCLOUD-4174. Let me time to explain 😀


This issue was created more than 10 years ago. The request was: if a blog post is a Confluence page, why is not possible create a blog post based of a template? issue increase with comments and other requests and now, Server request now is …. closed, but not Cloud :D.

Now we will examine the possible solutions 😛

Solution 1

Bitvoodoo create an addon which cover the users need: Templates for Blog Posts is one of the first addon created 🙂

It provide template for Blog Post.


Solution 2

Scandio release the new version of Lively Blogs for Confluence and the last version report this sentence:

Convert any Confluence page with the “Publish as Blog Post” button

and this is my face after I’ve discovered  …

Another solution to this need and Scandio Addon can do this:

  • add to dashboard a blog specific view

  • A view where manage all blog post 😀

and the possibility to convert a page in a Blog post, of course 😀

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