This is a small trick, but sometime make people very happy.

Unable show addon detail

In some circumstances, we cannot see addon details, both in Confluence and Jira. In some cases we don’t understand why we don’t see nothing and this is a problem if we have to update addon licence.

Easy solution

May be we cannot link marketplace site (classic scenario: we are working under a VPN and internet connection is not available). So, go to settings under Manage Addons and remove the selection under Connect to the Atlassian Marketplace. This will help.

Older version of Addon

I saw this resolution about Team Calendar addon, but I’ve checked can be used also for others addons. 😉

A possible solution may be follow those steps:

  1. Stop Confluence
  2. Clear the content inside the following folders:
    • <tt><confluence-home>/bundled-plugins</tt>
    • <tt><confluence-home>/plugin-cache</tt>
    • <tt><confluence-home>/plugins-osgi-cache</tt>
    • <tt><confluence-home>/plugins-temp</tt>
    • <tt><confluence-home>/bundled-plugins_language</tt>
      Do not worry as the above will not remove the installed plugins. It will just remove the plugin cache and the cache will be re-created upon server startup.
  3. Restart Confluence
  4. Go to and download the latest Team Calendars Plugin
  5. Install the .jar file into Confluence from Confluence Admin > Plugins > Upload Plugin
  6. Go to to get Team Calendars license and apply it onto the its license field


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