Some time ago, we talk about some “tricks” to get better performance in our mid-large Jira’s.

Now, in Jira 7.9 they have solved the “empty search issue“. It’s a great please for us and we are happy to see how Atlassian listen to the MrAddon suggestions.

From the release page from Atlassian:

“Small improvements to make your day”

Disabling empty JQL queries
When you use a filter with an empty JQL query, it will retrieve all possible issues, which can have a serious impact on performance when used in your boards and gadgets. To avoid this, we’ve added a global setting that lets you decide how an empty JQL query behaves: either returning all issues (like it does now), or no results at all

Another improvement that I love if this:

“Kanban boards just got faster”

Is your team so productive, their ‘Done’ column is always overflowing? Too many issues on a board can slow it down and make you scroll way too much. To fix this, we’re bringing what we’ve codenamed “Fast Kanban”—a way to keep your board fresh and clean, and as quick as a flash. 


This improvement, actually we usually do adding some “extra JQL” using sentences like “created>=-7d or updated>=-7d” in the Jira filters for the Kanban boards.

Now in Jira 7.9 this is done by default and is great because this can be a very good speed improvement.

Definitely Atlassian is doing a very good job in the new releases of Jira Server.

Congrats team!

By MrAddon “to the Moon!… mm no, to the Earth! :)”




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