Qtum is another Chinese Ethereum like NEO ( we talked about NEO in the previous post: NeoLink: The MetaMask for NEO )

Qtum specifications are:

  • Anonymity and robust security like Z-Cash
  • Smart-Contracts development like Ethereum
  • Integrates Segwit and Decentralized Governance Protocol.
  • Uses UTXO model like Bitcoin, more efficient than Ethereum….
  • Staking Qtum in your wallet for a time you get more Qtum as dividend

Captura de pantalla 2018-01-28 a las 21.09.25

We can try to develop and deploy Smart-Contracts and interact with them using Javascript for the interface and Solidity for the Contract. See more in:

We will try these days to develop something with Qtum and see really how it works.



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