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Since JIRA 7.2.x the plugin “Enlarge Your Excel Export” is not necessary. Now Atlassian have changed the “Excel export” button for new one called “CSV export”, without exporting limits….

See the JIRA 7.2.x release notes …. I doesn’t agree with Atlassian and how changes the existent functionalities ….. Why change the export format ¿? Why break the ecosystem (plugins or extensions) ¿?

Flexible CSV exporter

Sometimes you just want your data in a format you can manipulate yourself, a straight forward comma separated value file that you can open with your spreadsheet application of choice and build that lovely bar chart that YOU want. Now JIRA Software gives you that power. We’ve introduced a CSV export option that lets you choose to export the issues and fields displayed in your search result, or the issues and all the fields associated with them. The lightweight CSV file format also makes the export files smaller, so there’s no longer a limit of 1000 issues in the export. We now export all the issues your search returns. Build your perfect report for that PowerPoint presentation, use pivot tables until your hearts content, and make your JIRA data work for you.


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