With this Jira Cloud add-on your Jira Administrators will be more happier!

This is an App extension for your Jira Cloud to help in some typical admin actions, like know the customfield id’s or to configure an Announcement Banner to your Jira Cloud Users!

No configuration is needed; only install it, that’s all! Plug’n’play.

And new features to come!

1-minute short video summary:

Create an Announcement Banner to be shown to your users

Go to “Apps” → “Support Admin Tools” : “Announcement Banner” option

Push the button “New Banner”, then add the content and put a “summary name” to your announcement.

Now just “Save” and “Activate” to be shown to your users!

(Remember to always do a screen refresh to see the changes!)

Disable the Announcement Banner

Go to “Apps” → “Support Admin Tools” : “Announcement Banner” option

Click in “New banner” and then click in “Activate” and the announcement banner will be disabled

Feature: Custom fields

Go to “Apps” → “Support Admin Tools” : “Custom fields” option

In this view you will easily see the ID of the customfields that are so difficult to see in Jira Cloud and are so necessary for the development of integrations.

And… New features to come this 2022!


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