Atlassian is releasing in some instances a new feature in Jira Cloud Kanban boards:

For this reason you will see in the new version of Kanban Combined WIP for Jira Cloud plugin two options (in Apps menu, or in your Kanban boards, button “Kanban Combined WIP PRO“).

In Apps menú

  • KanbanWIP!
  • KanbanWIP!(NextGen)

or in your boards, button “Kanban Combined WIP PRO

  • Install in browser
  • Install in browser for NextGen

The usual one is the first option (“KanbanWIP!” or “Install in browser“).

For the instances with the new standard feature in Jira “board horizontal scrolling“, you need to use the second option (“KanbanWIP!(NextGen)” or “Install in browser for NextGen“)

Note: Please do not install the two plugins at same time

Sorry for the inconveniences!

By MrAddon


Update July 22, 2022: Atlassian has decided to rollback (again), you can no longer see the scroll

Update July 24, 2022: Atlassian has decided to rollout (again) the scroll

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