The new version of eazyBI 6.4 provides us with new functionalities that can be very useful and that we want to highlight in this post, such as:

  1. Conditional formatting on bar, line, and timeline charts.!! (here more info)

Use conditional formatting in charts (bar, line, timeline) to highlight individual bars, ranges, scatters, or bubbles.

2. New Sprint dimension hierarchy By status!

Example: Drill “Sprint” dimension in your report and select some member of “By Status” hierarchies.

3. Create custom hierarchies in Jira custom field dimensions. (here more info)

eazyBI supports creating custom hierarchies for any custom field imported as a dimension.
First, make sure you have imported numeric or string properties for your custom field dimension members. Only after the first property is imported you will see the option to add custom hierarchy.

Then choose the property by which to group dimension members and add the new hierarchy.

Example: using Department (custom) hierarchy

And that’s it! (which is not little)

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