In my job experience I saw several problems and strange situation. In this post we examine some of this situations and how we  solve them .  In this post we discover some interesting tricks 😉

Copy fields from parent to subtask issues

During my work time I0ve received this request. We need copy some fields from parent to subtasks issues. How we can do this?

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Easy way

Using this Paid addon: Jira Misc Workflow Extension give us a great easy-to-use interface where users can put this

Just use powerful Postfunction features added, as shown in figure:

and after a specific menù helps us to complete the information


This is a very easy way, because no code is necessary. Just few clicks of mouse 😀

This is the only way?

Of course NO. This operation it’s possible using ScriptRunner and Groovy scripts and there are a lot of samples. One of this was reported in this specific post of this blog.


Other possibility?

If in your instance have Jira Automation (now available in every Cloud instance after Atlassian acquisition of Code Barrel,  we can do this operation using it, as explained in this blog post.

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