This article shows how to transitioning issues depend on a custom field called progress.

Sometimes, for “basic users” they need to configure automation to actions that normally are done each other. This is a one case of this situation.

Imagine that you have a Jira Software project to manage action plans. The workflow can be something like TODO – INPROGRESS – DONE.

When new issue is created the status is TODO. When is the issue transicioned to INPROGRESS? Normally the user move it to inprogress before working but somethings the user starts to work in the issue and “forgot” move it to in progress. Later on, when the user sets some information in the issue like comments, assigne or other fields the user detects that this issue is pending in TODO and moves to INPROGRESS.

This article shows how to transitioning the issue when the user updates the issue. For example, if you are managing action plans, usually you will have one field for the %. Can be created some automations to simulate the behaviour of the issue. When the progress is changed from 0 to other value different like 100, the issue will be transitioned.

To do this, we will need:

  • Custom field that triggered the change of status
  • Knowing transitionId of the current workflow of the issue
  • Listener implemented with scriptRunner that will be triggered when the issue will be updated and will change the status of the issue

Custom field

I prefer working with % with only specific values.

This is due sometimes the people have problems to take a decision of 30% or 35%. To solve it, you can create a field with default values like the following picture. Up to you to use different values if you want.

Remember to add the custom field to your screen.


The following link contains the code that you should add in a Listener.


It is important that you need to know the transitions that you want to do, remember that you can check it in workflows in text (Eloi) mode if you need it.

See following picture.

Now, if you come to one issue with this workflow and progress field added, if you change the values, the issue will be transitioned.

I hope that it helps.

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