Using EPIC issue type can help us in organize all own issues. Out-of-the-box functionalities give us all the necessary BUT…..

….. if we need more information from issue in EPIC, what we can do to show new columns?

Let me explain

We have a great help using Issue Matrix from Botron. This addon helps us in define specific field we can use in define custom list of columns. It’s very easy create a field. As shown in following images:

after this, we start the Configuration where define all fields features:

as shown, we can choose how define the list of issue (my favorite is JQL, of course). After this, we can configure the columns

The result of this operation is:

where we can examine the difference from the out-of-the-box feature of Issue in Epic

By Artigiano Del Software

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4 replies on “How show issue in EPIC with custom columns

  1. Hello,
    are you sure that this can not be implemented only with scriptrunner and avoid pay 3rd party software extra?

    This seems a section and table with epic and several information about it.
    Best regards.


    1. Hello Juan jo marchal

      Thanks for your question. This addon provide new specific custom fields which helps users in create specific views easily, without code. The advantage of this addon is this fact: No code. For some users can be a solution because they need show more columns than out-of-the-box Jira, but they don’t know how to do this or have no experience in write code. I work with Jira users which are no programmers but they need the functionalities of Jira. So I show a solution without no code. Of course, all solutions are good.

      I’m sure there are alternative solutions without use another addon and pay more than necessary.

      Feel free write if need more information

      Best regards
      FABIO – Artigiano Del Software

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      1. Hello Frédérique
        You can try to add with scriptrunner a custom panel.
        See this example:
        Basically is create a new panel and add a script to loop for issues in Epic and return an HTML with the table/list of issues with custom text, images, etc.
        You can use this script to implement the catch of Issues in Epics:
        Best regards


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