Christmas has arrived and it’s time to give you my gift!

In this case, it is an example of an HTML5 type Web template that looks similar to Netflix (using the web template called Webflix). With this simple template and modifying it a bit, you can make a totally free web portal on the internet to display links to your favorite games (For example, by fork of the repository and using Github pages to publish the web with your own links to games on the internet).

Now there are WASM (WebAssembly) games that are old (and also new) systems that were created in C / C ++ taken to the Web and Javascript/Browsers world. It is a very new technology that allows you to run native code from a browser and is implemented in the standard of most browsers. In the future, nothing will need to be installed … all our computers will be “terminals”, as Google shows us with the streaming technology for games called Google Stadia. The same is happening with VDI systems, where a terminal with few resources can be run remotely with great hardware. The future is here and we will notice it first in video games!

Here you have the links:
Example WASM Game webportal:

By MrAddon,

Happy Holidays and have a happy new year 2020!

List of links to Games and Emus:

  • TeeWorlds (WASM Multiplayer LAN/Internet & Multiplatform)
  • OpenArena (WASM Multiplayer LAN/Internet)
  • Maldita Castilla (not WASM)
  • Dolphin Wii/GameCube Emu (not WASM Multiplayer Local)
  • TLauncher (Minecraft with Modpacks) (not WASM Multiplayer LAN/Internet)
  • MineTest (not WASM Multiplayer)
  • Quake 3 Arena (WASM Multiplayer LAN/Internet)
  • Doom 3 (WASM)
  • Snes, CPS1, CPS2, CPS3, NeoGeo, MegaDrive, Nes, Gameboy Color & Advance, Arcade, MAME (WASM)
  • MSX, Commodore64, ZX Spectrum, Apple, Windows95, Atari (WASM)
  • WASM Multiplatform Emu



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