In this post I will write about how create calculated fields using specific addons (for cloud or server instances). Let’s go

If you have a server instance….

In this case, if you don’t have skills in programming, there is another solution. Using Jira Misc Custom Fields we can define specific fields as result of a specific formula

Build powerful scripted fields in Groovy. Fast.

Addon provide simple wizards so any user can create a new calculated field.

This simple GIF show how easy create a new formula 😛

Woow, and for cloud instance?

If you are the owner of a cloud instance, exists another specific addon 🙂 Abacus – Jira Calculator

Use @field name to find your custom numeric field.

We can specify a formula easily and …..

You decide when and if any formula should run.

…. we can decide when execute, and we can set different conditions 😛

Execution Plans control when and if your formulas or actions run. Use triggers to control what events start the process and JQL conditions control which actions are executed.

using JQL. As described in other posts, JQL is very important if you wanna unleash Jira power in your job.

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