As I wrote in others posts, both in MrAddon and Artigiano blog, eazyBI is the best tool inside Jira to to Business Intelligence. However, I think some practical features are missing. Let me explain

Copy a report

As show in following figure

we cannot copy a report, but only:

  • Rename
  • Move to
  • Export definition
  • Delete

So my question is: exist a quick ad practical way to copy a report? The answer is YES 🙂

Step 01 – Export definition

This is the first step. By this we extract the definition and ….. as you see in following figure:

We note a button: Copy to Clipboard . We use it to copy the definition to clipboard and then ….

Step 02: Import new report

Upper we have a button we can use for import a new report

Step 03 – Ctrl + V

The great opera of Ctrl + V and this is the result:

Just remember:

  • Change the report name: We cannot create two reports with the same name

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