Jira has limits, in this post we want to talk about the limits in “Versions”.

I don’t know in other companies, but in my companies we release a lot of Versions by day… thousands of versions…


Probably if you got thousands of versions like us, when you create a new Kanban board you will get this error by default


Obviously, the tickets will not shown

The problem is the “standard” JQL sub-filter of the board


By default, the new Kanban boards created has this sub-filter query configured.

If you remove it, you will be able to show the ticket….

(It’s strange but there is no option to change the default sub-filter query by Admins…. very ugly Atlassian…).

Also, probably when you try to open the “Versions” page it will be loading infinite…



Our recommendation is to use some scripts to clean the Versions of the projects


By MrAddon team

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