In this post we wanna see how include more security to own Jira and Confluence instances. So we explore some addons that help us 😉

Encrypt attachments/Fields in Jira

If your attachments contains reserved information, better encrypt it. 😉 This addon, do exactly this, on specific fields and attachments 🙂

For attachments, this is the result:


For fields, this is the result 😀

As Skipper always asks: Kowalski: Options?

There are some options. Service Rockets have own solution , as shown in this community article, for Confluence. We can use Security and Encryption for Confluence and we can encrypt password and information 😛

this is a good addon: we can create a simple password repository 😉 and Atlassian community article explain this :D.

There are others solutions

Marketplace has a lot of others solutions. This is another one: Redaction, Protect High Security Content cover the word you need, as show in the following figure 🙂


And for Jira?

We have others solution for Jira : Security Fields and Attachments. Addon provide some new field type



Here the complete list of reference  😉



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