In this post we will add more information to subtask list. Let me explain better 🙂

How it works?

We are talking about the subtask list of issue view, as shown in following image:

Well, we wanna see more information, like Issue key, timespent, and so forth. How we can extent this view? 😛

Go to <Install_DIR>/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes 

open file: jpm.xml

Search the key: jira.table.cols.subtasks

add to tag <default-value> the following field:

  • issuekey – Add the subtask issuekey
  • timespent – Add the timespent (the number, not a graph)
  • created – Add day of creation of subtask
  • priority – Add the priority of subtask
  • and so forth….


Don’t put a lot of fields. The space area of the subtask list is small.  😉

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