BRAVE is the internet browser that is going to hit harder and harder … it’s the “LION”!

GOOGLE CHROME has the days counted with this new innovative business model that brings BRAVE into hands.

Until now, the owners of the web pages put GOOGLE ads (and others …). The brands pay for advertising, the owners of the websites receive money …. well, this business model is already considered “obsolete”. We are in the new collaborative economy. And the LION BRAVE has an alternative that can radically change everything and sink the main business of GOOGLE.

As they always say, on GOOGLE we are the PRODUCT. And we receive practically nothing in return.

BRAVE by default cancels any type of announcement. He even boasts about it, showing a nice dashboard with a picture of beautiful landscapes and numbers of the amount of horrendous ads he has exterminated during our browsing through the ether of the Internet.

Well, as I told you, BRAVE is very connected to the CRYPTO world and above all to the ETHEREUM network, to notice that they have already signed an agreement with BAT (Basic Attention Token). BAT is a Token based on Ethereum that changes its value according to its quotation in the market (it can be seen, for example, on the Coinmarketcap website).

BAT is an Ads system that pays the person who sees them. To the final consumer of the Ad, something that is more logical. But it also intends to pay also to the websites where they are viewed as a JUST and NON-ABUSIVE system. Being able to activate and deactivate at any time.

Captura de pantalla 2018-05-12 a las 10.42.20
BAT has been created and created by the same person who created JAVASCRIPT (The programming language that I use the most and which I have used the most …)
This is a very good signal! 🙂
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