Following my job experience, I report some tips, I’ve selected for this post, about JQL.


Manage SQL using JQL

We can use SQL inside JQL  using SQL for Jira Driver – Convert JQL to SQL, a powerfull addon for Jira Server version which translate SQL using new JQL Methods :), as shown in following image…


Extent JQL Methods

If you cannot use the previous addon (we have a Jira cloud istance), there are several addons which extent the methods we can use for specific query. We can use JQL Search Extensions for JIRA and, for example, we can create JQL where we can obtain issues where attachments have specific name/extension :D, like shown in following image:




JQL is hard to understand and use?

Set PanicMode OFF 😀 there is a solution. We can use Canned Search Gadget, by Akeles Consulting . addon add specific search masks which help create filters with easy-to-use wizard.

So, No Panic. With JQL exists always a solution :D.
By Fabio, Artigiano del Software in MrAddon

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