Imagine this situation

  1. Currently we have JIRA Cloud and JIRA Server instance running.
  2. Both instance were up and running, having data in both instances.
  3. We want to merge both JIRA Cloud and JIRA Server instance into the JIRA Server instance.


We can not import JIRA Cloud as a project into JIRA Server directly.

We need to restore the whole XML backup into a temporary JIRA Server Instance first.

The temporary JIRA Server Instance must be the latest JIRA Version.

Then, we generate an XML backup from the temporary instance, and use the XML backup to restore only projects into another JIRA Server Instance.

Both JIRA Server Instance must have same configuration with same JIRA Version.

Merging Steps

  1. Create an XML Backup in the JIRA Cloud Instance (option “for Jira Server“).
  2. Install a temporary JIRA Server Instance (Others than the existing JIRA Server Instance) As JIRA Cloud is always the latest version of JIRA, the temporary JIRA Server Instance must be using latest version as well.
  3. Once installed the temporary instance, we can to proceed to restore JIRA Cloud XML FULL backup into the JIRA Server temporary instance. (once restored the full backup we must enter with user: sysadmin, pass: sysadmin)
  4. Check which plugins are installed in the JIRA Cloud application site
    Any plugins that you are currently using with JIRA Cloud application will need to be installed in the JIRA application installation.
  5. From your existing JIRA Instance (Not the temporary JIRA), check the JIRA Version.
  6. If the JIRA Version was different from the temporary instance, we can proceed to upgrade the instance to same JIRA Server Version.
  7. If both JIRA Server Instance was same, we can generate an XML Backup.
  8. Use Project Import Tool to import it as a project to another instance.
    We must ensure both instances were having the same configuration such as permission scheme, workflow scheme, screen scheme and etc, else the importing will fail at validation.

Many thanks to the Atlassian Support Team!

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