It is for us a pride and pleasure to have the invaluable help of Fabio Genovese also known in the Atlassian world with the name of “Artigiano del Software“, famous for his blog also called “Artigiano del Software” where he evaluates the set of pieces that they are part of the Atlassian Ecosystem, being very useful your posts when making complex integrations between different systems and always giving the best option based on engineering methods.

From now on, the MrAddon company, with the great help of Fabio, will have two locations, one in Barcelona (Spain) and the other in Bologna (Italy). Our goal is to decentralize MrAddon to the maximum and make it a multicultural company, developing new ideas and plugins according to the needs of JIRA Administrators and for JIRA Administrators.

For this, we plan to use the latest blockchain technologies such as Ethereum’s smart contracts. With the contracts of Ethereum we will be able to socialize MrAddon and make our work as efficient, transparent and fair for the world.

Many thanks again to Fabio for trusting MrAddon since always!

We welcome you and wish you great success with us!


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