Occasionally, JIRA may appear to ‘freeze’ during execution of an operation. During these times, it is helpful to retrieve a thread dump — a log containing information about currently running threads and processes within the Java Virtual Machine. Taking thread-dumps is a non-destructive process that can be run on live systems. This document describes the steps necessary to retrieve a thread dump.


sudo su jira -c “/java/bin/jstack pid >> /export/dump.txt”

or if you are the user that is running jira in your linux

/java/bin/jstack pid >> /export/dump.txt

To know the pid of jira run: ps -ef | grep java

Then open dump.txt with Samurai


java -jar samurai.jar  then open the dump.txt file and see the summary table (with status of the process)

Download samurai  (download and rename to Samurai.zip, and decompress to extract the jar file)

Or download from here: samurai

More info

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