“Replace jira-users with the ‘Anyone’ permission — Thanks to Jamie Echlin for this tip. Permission checks are expensive, especially for any JIRA issues with hundreds or thousands of links, such as GreenHopper epics.”

(info) Note that this tip is only possible with instances in which there is no anonymous access allowed or for which there is no difference between users in the jira-users group and anonymous users (at least for some permissions). See Managing Project Permissions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your instance is in Internet, this solution is not good because when the group Anyone is in BROWSE issues permission, anyone, logged or not in the JIRA can see the issues!!!!!


The best solution is minimize in BROWSE permission the number of groups and members in the groups.

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2 replies on “Performance Trick: Minimize the BROWSE permission groups and members to speedup JIRA

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if you can elaborate on your last sentence:
    “The best solution is minimize in BROWSE permission the number of groups and members in the groups.”


    1. Hello Chris
      Yes, there are two solutions: One for Open or Public Jira’s (tickets are visibles to anybody logged-in) then “Anny logged in User” in browse project permission is ok and the performance is ok
      But in restricted projects, the best solution is to restrict the Browse permission as max as possible to an LDAP group (or a role if the Team changes frequently of team members.)


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