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7 replies on “FORUM Kanban Combined WIP for JIRA

  1. Hello. Could not adjust combined WIP – no WIP in the columns header displayed and controlled.
    I just set max WIP for the last column in combo as showed in demo.
    What should I do to have combined and limited common WIP?


  2. Hello,

    we’d like to use Kanban Combined WIP for its grouping feature but have the WIP limits only have effect on the single columns. Example:
    Review::waiting (0|0) | Review::in review (0|8)

    Currently, if there are 5 issues in “Review::in review” and 4 issues in “Review::waiting”, the whole column “Review” would become red – but I just want the column “Review::in review” become red, when there are more than 8 issues in it.

    Is there any way to get this implemented?

    Best regards



    1. Hello Stephan,
      At this moment is not possible, if you combine the columns, the WIPS/limits are merged too (also the visual alert/color of columns)… I will try to create in next versions new modes of configuration. Thanks for your comment!
      Best regards


  3. Hi. We would like to try this plugin in our team but it was rejected by our Jira administrators. The problem is that we work in a big company and have a lot of teams using kanban boards and it looks like this plugin can be used only as global update for all of the existing boards which we don’t really want to. Is it possible to use this plugin only for specific boards? Or is it feasible to have this feature in future?

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    1. Hello Pavel,
      Currently the plugin is enabled globally and you can disable in each board individually (is a dropdown in the board settings section).
      I will create a ticket for the development team about your feature request, probably we can create a new global mode “DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT”
      We will release it in the next version


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