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8 replies on “FORUM Enlarge Your Excel Export

  1. Dear All,

    Is the addon compatible with Jira 7.2.x ? I installed it, all modules are enabled and no Incompatible status is shown in the manage addons page, although the new export buttons are not present.



    1. Hi Viktor,

      I see the error in the new Jira 7.2.2 , Atlassian is changing the Excel export button for a new one called CSV Export. Now is different and I don’t know if it’s necessary break the limit of the exporting issues :). Then, the plugin seems incompatible with Jira 7.2.2 , my apologies



  2. Hi

    We are trying your plugin. But export gave us some characters on the browser instead of excel file. We are running JIRA 6.3. Any idea why?


    1. Hi Rudhuwan,

      The plugin was tested from JIRA 6.3.15 to JIRA 7.1.10 and becomes obsolete in JIRA 7.2.x because Atlassian has changed the Export Excel button for a new one called Export CSV and without limits. For this reason, the development of this plugin is over.

      Thanks & sorry for the inconveniences


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