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8 replies on “New plugin IS COMING! “Enlarge Your Excel Export”

  1. Hi Matt!! How are you?? Veeery good conceptualization!
    In my very large JIRA instance we have this configuration: = 100 = 10000 = administrators

    BUT in the “Excel export button” in JIRA 6 & 7 always has the limit to 100!!
    The people must do the “trick” with the URL to change the limit… I think this is an Atlassian botched job…

    With my plugin, a new option is shown with the limit more large (up to 10000) visible for all people, I am making some test and the instance works perfectly and do the exports very quick…

    Your comments are VERY WELCOME! Thanks again Matt! Hope you fine!


  2. Out of memory for one thousand records? Please…

    We are using the official workaround but will be testing some plugins that apparently do the job. Hoping this one here is the ticket. Happy to report back.

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